10 old photos good for throwback thursdays

Today, I decided to write something about myself and post some old photos, too. I want to check if I can still recall dates and certain events with some degree of exactitude. People call it throwback.


1. It was January 17, 1998. Tuesday and it was a cloudy day.


2. March 2004. Elementary Graduation. I am still wearing my toga (graduation gown) and my medals. Must have been so proud. I used to count how many were there and tell my daddy and lola what each of them were for.


3. Camping in Carmen. Totally forgot what year was it. Girl Scout days!


4. July 19, 2007. 15th Birthday at the original and old Gold Bar with High School friends.


5. Summer of 2007. Manila. First solo trip.


6. Summer of 2007. Baguio City.


7. March 28, 2008. High School Graduation, I guess it was a sunny day.


8.  October 9, 2011. Search for Human Nature Ambassador. I represented Cebu City. It was my first probably the last time to join such contest. Fun!


9. December 2011. Cool christmas party with college classmates. Forever friends and forever treasured.


10. Second Semester SY 2012-2013. First Year College of Law Classmates! During our Constitutional Law 2 Final Exams. I can still remember how I studied those notes I’m holding. Some have become really good friends.


You fought hard, Ma’am.

There’s this sad thing about having to go without even saying goodbye. I wish we could have done that–saying goodbyes.  But as I see it, I never even made time to say hello. And it’s too late.

I could have thanked you for teaching me how to love even the unlovable–like loving science. I think even up to now, I always am proud of how, at some point in my life, I actually memorized, mastered by heart, and understood advance chemistry simply because you were my teacher. You will always be the best science teacher ever!

So here I am crying in secret, I can’t even finish this post. Thinking how precious the memories become now that they are the only things I can remember you by. Until the end, you fought hard. So hard and strong, you’ve always lived up to your name–Irong– which we fondly call, Ma’am Iron-G. And that is yet another lesson we all have to learn.

Farewell, ma’am! It’s time for you to rest.


eye of the storm

There’s that strange calm before the storm which scares me a little. Friends say this is where laziness goes to die. Hello third year! Recitations will start this week and here I am, fancying my newly polished toes.


Albert faces the same kind of thing–Med School. Even if he doesn’t blab about it as often as I do when we’re together, I know he’s struggling too. This common thing may keep us apart most days but it sure keeps us together in some unique way. With these happy struggles we both have, we discover each other’s weakness and strength. We become each other’s cheerers and we always find ways to encourage one another in tough times. Together, we laugh and cry about things. What we have is something I am grateful for.. It’s a different version of LDR, I suppose but I am excited for a brighter future.

For this semester, I thought I won’t be having much time for church activities considering I’ll be having five hebi subjects this sem plus Taxation 2. I know. I thought so too until I realized that was Taxation 1. So hello Taxation 2. Sometimes, I just can’t understand what makes Taxation so comprehensive I have to take it twice.

Currently, I just started having kids at Sunday School and I just said yes to a couple of committees at PAW Nyt. I hope I can find the time to blog about them, soon.

if only the library had eyes

With classes going on, I am forced to go back to my daily routine–afternoons in the library. I can say I really did not miss the place except for the lovely sunsets I get to see from the curtain wall. Besides Christmas, another thing I love about this chilly season is getting more pretty sunsets–the ones that are so orange-y they sometimes make the sky blaze in fire.

Funny thing is, for the entire break, I have been out enjoying the heat of the sun. I think somebody called it, Living in the Sunshine. For a little while, that was my mantra which I did not intend to do literally to avoid serious skin trauma. I just had to enjoy the nothingness in my days. But now that classes have begun, I am (happy and) contented with sunsets.

So, for now, I am just super thankful I can still see the lovely sunset from the library’s curtain wall. The library witnesses this miracle everyday that’s too wonderful it doesn’t deserve a passive nod. If only the library had eyes… Since I do, every time I can, I spend that amazing 2 minutes of my day facing that curtain wall thanking God for that gift I know He purposely made for me.


This time with photos

Welcome to our humble abode. For the whole duration of the camp, this tiny tent served as a shelter to the staff. I appreciate the muscles and teamwork that created this. The first photo is a photo of our kitchen where we serve the meals and where we make tambay if we’ve got nothing to do.

 5 2

Considering we pay only P50 for 3 days of meal, the kitchen crew (which usually consists of nanays and tatays) does not just cook and prepare the food. They also do the budgeting. Praise God for the very delicious meals we had even if we only had to pay that much.

23 3

In the first photo (lower left) campers try to pass an eggplant to their teammates using their feet. The first team to finish wins! Ha ha kudos to Faith for this game. The second photo (lower right) shows a game called “Higher or Lower.” A member tries to guess the number on the screen while the other teammates will give clues by raising their thumbs if they want a higher digit. First team to guess wins.

28 29

but one went on to doing this pose. Indeed, campers have their own funny way of doing things and I thank God for that. The rest are photos during outdoor games.

7 19 16

The camp site has a wide area where we do most of our outdoor games every afternoon regardless the weather.

9 17

14 13

Sometimes, we do get a lot of scolding from elders regarding our way of conducting games. I think this is because of too much dirt and mud that we always end up throwing what we wore. But at the end of the day, we always look back to the silly and fun things we had, not to the scolding.

20 21

I guess no Php 50 can match with the happiness and fulfillment in our individual hearts.


what feels like the end is often the beginning!

I know I am gonna look back few years from now and re think how the FIRST SEMBREAK CAMP happened and HOW JESUS MADE IT HAPPEN. gosh I still cannot contain my happiness and the inside of me squeaks for joy everytime I try to relive the moment. Here’s my blog about it.


This year’s Sembreak Camp is very special not just because it is the first, but also because this is like a new beginning for all of us. We used to have DeCamps (December Camps) before but after a certain yolanda hit our local churches, the remaining youths decided to leave everything behind and start anew and move the camp to its new schedule, hence the October Camp. Basically, with deficiency in manpower, we had to do everything from scratch. I felt this bang in my head when we started praying for a worship leader, for a new president, for a worship team, group of staff, everything–brand new. Funny thing is, most of the staff we had were kind of inexperienced being staff since it was their first time. But you see, the moment we realize and admit our limitations and flaws, the bigger our need for God becomes. We may be lacking in well-trained manpower, but we are abundant in fully-armored Godpower!

You use the weak to lead the strong!

I want this post to be positive and grateful–ignoring disappointments we got from other people and taking criticisms as ways for us to improve… after all there’s no other way for us but to improve. The attitude must not be to make a competition out of this but to always point every bit of success back to God.

If you can see me now, you’d probably see me smiling as I write this post in hopes of reminding my future self about How Jesus delivered us and gave us this kind of camp as a starter! Every thing is just successful and wonderful–from meals, to location, sound system, documentation, worship team, campers, program, the games, the bonfire (oh my the bonfire- one of my favorite parts) and the STAFF! ALL Glory to God.

 The theme was really about waiting. Waiting upon the Lord for everything–for His second coming, for true love, for grades, for justice, for graduation, for marriage, for that job promotion, for healing, for provision, for unsaved loved ones, for everything! It is important we maintain the attitude of finding joy in waiting upon our Lord Jesus–putting all our hopes in Him.


Photos to follow.

Pre-Camp Rant


I tried making up a design for the tarp and this is just the best I could come up with. Ha ha ha Instead of losing hope and giving it all a big sigh, I laugh with God and tell him how could He use me and all of us for something big? The truth is, what’s left of our church’s youth are just a bunch of children ministry teachers, a few pianist maybe, and me, without a single talent. Not even designing a simple tarp. As much as I wanna learn, I am finding adobe illustrator so much more difficult than my taxation course in law school. Funny how I thought tax couldn’t get any worse.

I admire how God teaches us to trust Him by not giving us money right before the camp. Yes, this is a fund-less youth camp unlike other youth fellowships I know which has at least 15,000 pesos for decorations. Can you believe that? 15K only for some tarpaulin and balloons? Ha ha ha I think it’s the fact that we start His activity penny-less makes me all the more excited to see His wonders. I think I can picture ourselves like how Moses looked like when God told him to pick up that staff and said, “with this rod, ye shall do MY wonders!” Except we don’t have a rod.

However, for the days to come, I know He will be with us. I am still here in the city waiting for my flight tomorrow hopefully to attend the camp. :-) Yes I am still into Planetshakers’ latest album and I am in the process of picking favorites. I think this may go on for a while until I can find another new thing. Thank God for strong internet connection I can watch movies for free. Tada!