Pre-Camp Rant


I tried making up a design for the tarp and this is just the best I could come up with. Ha ha ha Instead of losing hope and giving it all a big sigh, I laugh with God and tell him how could He use me and all of us for something big? The truth is, what’s left of our church’s youth are just a bunch of children ministry teachers, a few pianist maybe, and me, without a single talent. Not even designing a simple tarp. As much as I wanna learn, I am finding adobe illustrator so much more difficult than my taxation course in law school. Funny how I thought tax couldn’t get any worse.

I admire how God teaches us to trust Him by not giving us money right before the camp. Yes, this is a fund-less youth camp unlike other youth fellowships I know which has at least 15,000 pesos for decorations. Can you believe that? 15K only for some tarpaulin and balloons? Ha ha ha I think it’s the fact that we start His activity penny-less makes me all the more excited to see His wonders. I think I can picture ourselves like how Moses looked like when God told him to pick up that staff and said, “with this rod, ye shall do MY wonders!” Except we don’t have a rod.

However, for the days to come, I know He will be with us. I am still here in the city waiting for my flight tomorrow hopefully to attend the camp. :-) Yes I am still into Planetshakers’ latest album and I am in the process of picking favorites. I think this may go on for a while until I can find another new thing. Thank God for strong internet connection I can watch movies for free. Tada!

Breath of fresh air

“Guard well your spare moments. They are like uncut diamonds. Discard them and their value will never be known. Improve them and they will be the brightest gems in a useful life.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Finals week is over and it’s time to sit back and thank God for the awesome company. Suddenly I have tons of extra time to do nothing. Breath of fresh air! Currently, I spend half of my free time, thinking about changing my hair color and heading to the beach with my shorts and flipflops. The other half, I spend, earnestly praying for passing grades. Though I can’t decide how to  spend half of my free time right, I’m pretty much sure there will be tons and tons of sleeping and movie marathons.

Last year I was worried deep down to the bones how my grades would turn out but this time, no worries! God will give me what’s best for me, He always does. And so for the first time ever, I’m more at peace than frantic. I don’t know what changed but I know WHO DID.

I am really thankful having to experience first-hand HIS provision despite all my whining and complaining.

So for this break, I am adding Planetshakers’ Lastest album: This is our time to my playlist (thanks to Spotify, probably the best app ever). I hope I can blog more and read some books, too. This Wednesday will be the first ever Sembreak Salig Youth Camp and the fact that we’ll have to continue with from scratch excites me more and makes my inner self sing: “Do It Again Jesus” by Planetshakers (so you can tell which one is my favorite?)

Also, PAW nyt for this semester was really crazy and filled with Jesus freaks! I can’t contain my happiness and excitement when God filled the place with 163 people! I have been to pawnyts since college and this is the craziest pawnyt so far. I did not know MCF can actually cater 163 dancing people, not until God showed us. I know He is working and He will bring more for the next PAW NYTS to come, but right now, we are just happy and contented with what God has been blessing us.


the Reason why dawn talks a lot

Whenever I am alone anywhere, studying, I delight in short pauses where I sit back and talk to God. We talk about almost everything–from annoying people, random rants, to blessings. Sometimes I throw questions at Him like how come He’s never tired of forgiving? Is He some kind of a mercy machine that keeps on going and giving away love for no reason? Sometimes I ask Him silly questions like when will I have kids? Or why is it that my ultimate celebrity crush is so gwapo and the barista at Starbucks isnt. Sometimes, I make it all the way to asking Him why is Taxation so alien and how Labor Professor can sometimes be scary?

Well, i think I enjoy His company more than anyone else’s. His answers to all of questions most of the time leave me satisfied and dumbfounded. This morning at the church He said something about faith and peace. Just what I needed having to go thru Finals Week and Hectic study schedules I seldom follow.

Why should I fear man, when YOU made the heavens?
Why should I be afraid when YOU put the stars in place?
And why should I give up when YOUR plans are full of love

And the refrain:

In this world we will have troubles, but YOU have overcome the world!

Ha ha ha Jesus really knows how I am feeling each time I look at my calendar colored and filled with to do lists. Fear, anxiety, restlessness and such. But as He promised: Philippians 1:6

And for whatever it is, I am looking forward to more honest talks with my Ultimate Best Friend. I hope we can do more talking amid the busy sched ahead!

PS. He told me He wants to talk to you too! :-)



Rant #123456789

Less than 3 hours before my exam in a subject I really wish I love (Taxation) and I suddenly want some donuts.

This semester is about to end we only have one more week for the finals and after that, it’ll be time to just wait on the Lord–for the grades. Ha! This is not my favorite situation, having to juggle up trust issues and hard work. But i bet God brings us to these areas where He allows our faith to broaden and increase in measure. I learn amazing lessons while I am in the agony of waiting upon the Lord. Like how to be content and patient, resting every case on His power. In my personal time with God, I usually rant why I lack in faith and all that but then He delights in our honesty and gives us the peace that goes beyond our understanding. In times like these, I AM UBERLY GRATEFUL TO HAVE AN AWESOME GOD LIKE HIM!

Praise the Lord for that!


To all my teachers, Live a long life!

Let’s just say I had wonderful and cool teachers back then. They taught me so many things I did not expect I’d learn in life! From loving math, history, to cooking, and things about love, they just had to be a part of my growing up.

100_1942     100_1980

They say, being an effective teacher is about imparting knowledge and passion to the young. I think they did more than just sharing wisdom and giving lectures! On top of it all, at some relevant points of our growing up, they became our mothers, friends, and confidants. They became the push we all needed to win that race. They were once the shoulders we run to when we just had to. They knew everything about my first love and how I fell in love with that kid. They were there when I won the school elections and they were there when I had my heart broken. Ha ha ha

Writing this article may be very strange for me because to be honest, at one point, I hated all of them. I loathed how they made my academic life seemingly unbearable. I thought, “who gets all these scolding in high school?” But now that I can see the bigger picture, I could never be thankful enough for all the honest criticisms that made me probably a better version of myself. Now I get it, their goal was never to make a good kid out of me–but to make a better adult out of my old self.


Love lots,


PS. If you happen to be my English Professor in High School and maybe you are reading this, forgive my grammar and please consider this as my first draft. After all, a good story was never written, you said it was re-written. Hahaha


Mountains, meet my God.

Lately, I kept on thinking how wonderful God’s plans were–how He beautifully crafted everything which led me to where I am now. Right now, I am laying in bed, writing this post, smiling, sipping my hot coffee in my new cool tumbler, and thanking God for His renewing grace.

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Jesus’ personal message to me last night at PAW struck me and it really got me thinking that even if I am facing seemingly insurmountable giants and mountains now–having to consider all midterm grades and class recitations in law school and how to survive the upcoming finals week–I thank Jesus for sweetly reminding me that this is where He led me and this is what He promised me: He has prepared the way! He won them all already! Below is a picture of three instax photos I took when we had our acquaintance party at school. (Left to Right: Dean Joan Largo, Atty Jefferson Marquez, and Atty Espidido). They are my current mountains for this semester plus Atty Aranas for Taxation. Ha ha

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Yes it’s i a little bit easier to just survive the daily recitations and exams, but I honestly have tons of doubt if I’ll ever make it to the Roll of Attorney. Haha! With just my own tiny self to rely on, that’s just sooo impossible. But then again I had to be reminded that not by my own strength but His. THANK YOU LORD. His joy comes in the morning! Good morning, indeed.


Hand Lettering: New Hobby

I have been very busy with law school and all I totally forgot to blog! For these past months, instagram has been a more convenient way to social media without taking up much time. Unlike blogging. But I missed writing up for my blog. Lately, I have been shifting from one hobby to another, talk about consistencies eh? But among all those things I’ve been doing, this is what I love the most–Hand Typography–which I did not know such a word even existed until I learned how to do it.

Processed with VSCOcam Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset Processed with VSCOcam

I have been trying on some new ways but I think this new hobby, like any other, needs some investment. Like on good pens, and brush pens. Unfortunately, unlike AbbeySy (on instagram) who travels a lot to Japan, I cannot just fly and buy some pens. So I have no other choice but to stick with Pilot G-Tec and Uni Drawing Pens. The one in the center, I used UNI G-ball white which is very expensive compared to other pens. But I think it deserves its price. :-) i hope I can create more beautiful pictures using beautiful words.

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