Thoughts on school, hobbies, and some irrelevant things

Summer is over–for a while now–and I am juggling up review classes and regular ones, together with sunday school duties and my latest fancy over the local kathniel. H h h

Writing a post as often as I want to can sometimes be close to impossible. Despite the fact that I really want to do the things thatΒ I love everyday (which by the way includes–blogging; calligraphy; cooking), I end up doing nothing at all.

I am about to turn 23 this July and I want to look back to my 22nd year and say, HeyΒ looks like we made it; look how far we’ve come my baby–kidding! Okay, maybe Β a part of does not want to turn 23 just yet. But honestly, I want my future self to know that my 22nd year-old self learned how to prioritize (finally) things and how to wait for the perfect time to make things happen. I have casually taken breaks from dreaming about weddings and having kids. I have plungedΒ just a little bitΒ into reality where I NEED to finish law school first and foremost before dreaming on travelling around the globe. Needless to say, I have drawn myself back to earth for about just a smidgen. And Hooray for that!

Today’s a Saturday morning when I should be enjoying a hot cuppa coffee while burying my face under my pillows listening to Jesus Culture. But that is not the case. I have yet to read 25 cases in Provisional Remedies; write the entire Rule 57; and Read a few more hundred pages for the recitations. Plus, here I am–trying to update my famous blog which has zero readers–except for my future self. Okay, srsly, I have to go back to reading.

Thoughts on school, hobbies, and some irrelevant things

HOBBY: Calligraphy

I enjoy writing words and making beautiful pictures out of them. Experts on this kind of stuff call it Calligraphy

To be honest, I have come to know how to do it before I’ve actually known how is it called. 😜 And to me, it’s more than a hobby. I find it as a unique way of expressing how I sometimes feel towards God. Or how a certain Bible Verse impacts me, for example. 

I seldom write about song lyric or poem because I am not so into peotry–really. Besides, quotes nowadays are beautifull written (already) on pinterest. 😜 

Today, I have written something that exactly depicts how I really feel about passing third year. Some people say, studying your heart out will make anything possible. But for me, I probably cried out to God more than I actually studied. If you’re my classmate or my boyfriend, you’d completely understand why it has been sooo freakin hard to have reached this stage. God knows how many talks we had for the past three years. He he he 

And now that we all will move to the moot court– I say:


HOBBY: Calligraphy

Guess what?

All grades are in and I am finally moving on to fourth year– Praise Jesus! The struggle since my first year until the last semester of my third year was indeed real that crying out and beseeching for God’s intervention has been the mantra. Hehe It seemed so impossible at first, having to reach immunity, and maintaining grades all at once. The testing of faith was an experienceΒ on the anvil, indeed. It was never pleasant. But it must be experienced rather than avoided.

Wow. I have crossed so many bridges–each semester I consider them to be bridges I have to cross to get to another mountain. And I must admit, I could not have done any of these if it were not for Jesus. More than a Father and Lord, He has always (and I say, ALWAYS) been my companion more than anyone. In my daily walks, and study days, He has been my study buddy. In times of recits, He’s been there holding my hands. He is so real I am glad and thankful I get to have Him despite my being undeserving.

Writing this post, I don’t intent to do editing and cutting. I wanna write as if I am talking to Jesus; never minding the coherence test and right choice of words. So future self, be lenient ok? :P

Thank You Jesus! Thank You!! Nobody else deserves my thanks because until now, I am still flabbergasted. I look up to the heavens and smile, and whisper: I know that was You, God. Thank You!


Photo by Albert.

Guess what?

Hello Summer

Hello there. I have not written a single post for the month of March. Given the Finals Frenzy plus the Personal Stuff going on with family, I really did not have the time to write.

Today, I’ll write about the waiting phase. Third year inΒ Law School is over, thank God, and this is the time of the semester where we wait upon the Lord for good and passing grades.Β And it’s also the time to cure the pimples which accumulated over the semester. He he he.

Three years–It’s really a long time and a lot has happened over the last years. A lot has changed. From my usual college buddies to law school friends; from shorts and flip-flops to blazers and shoes. I always smile whenever I look back to who I was when I entered the school for an entrance exam. I was the confident fresh college graduate back then and being idealistic was the name of the game.

Three yearsΒ inΒ law school changed all that. Every bit of self-confidence wasΒ somehow replaced with a trusting heart. Ha ha ha.Β I developed the desire to always find a Reliable Someone I could trust. When the greatest test (during my first semester in Second year) came, all the trusting was paired with crying and strong beseeching. Jesus has really been good to me. He was with me during defeat (First year First Sem) and jumped with me during mountain-top experiences. He is my constant companion. My forever study buddy. My source and portion, forever.

With Jesus on our side, winning became pretty much easier. Giving back all the glory to Jesus for winning the battle for us.


Β IMG_1069

Β And while we all wait for our grades– I thank my Jesus for the battle has already won. He gives us the desires of our heart if we seek Him and His will. All by His Grace. Amen.

Hello Summer

WeekEnd Chaos.

The past couple of days have been, phew! πŸ˜“πŸ˜…

Mommy was rushed to the hospital due to high blood pressure last saturday evening. It gave me worries and pain to know you’re miles from each other and nobody’s taking care of her there.

Recently, I got the results from previous exams and tho I got a passing grade, I was super worried with my recits. Sigh.

All these plus mood swings due to my recent period can sometimes be too much. 😫

Today, I am still a little emotional over things but thank God for His peace. :-) Indeed, we can do all things through Christ Who gives us strength! 😘

Philippians 4:13

I am reminded there’s ao much to be thankful for like mommy’s fast and full recovery, loving friends, little vacation starting tomorrow, new phone 😜, family and provision. πŸ™

Have a great day! Let’s thank Jesus all the time!! πŸ™ πŸ‘ ☝️

WeekEnd Chaos.

Heart’s Day 2015

A while ago, professor was shuffling cards for daily recitations and each time a student was asked to stay at the podium for his/her daily dose of shock, professor thought it’d be the best time time to ask this question before he’d fire away with questions because ya’know, it’s the day of hearts. So the question was, “What is Love?”

It got everybody thinking for the next 2 to 3 minutes. I think we all thought this was pretty much harder than the real score! I was not one of the lucky few to be called for recits on this special day but I sure did have my answers. To me, love should be a choice you get to make every waking hour. It’s a constant decision we all should make for ourselves. A daily reminder that whatever we have for others should never be based on moody and fleeting emotions. Sometimes, even we feel like hating, we choose to forgive. We choose to smile. We choose to love. That, for me, is love.

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On this year’s day of hearts, abert gave me the most beautiful edible heart I’ve ever seen so far. It was so beautiful it broke my heart to eat it. It tasted like heaven, too. Praise God for continued guidance and mercy. Although we have our share of flaws, we continue to choose to love not just each other but everyone around us. Happy Day of the Hearts, 2015!

Heart’s Day 2015

Happy three-niversary to us!

Three years ago I started out this place as a secret venue to vent out childish and immature thoughts I had back then. But as it turned out, I actually liked wordpress more than other blog hosting sites so I decided to keep this place as my personal and permanent blog. I have not removed any post from before so basically you can still see the worthless stuff i wrote back then.

I thank God for giving me this special skill where I am able to write instead some things I want to say. And lately, I finally ‘discovered’ where my other set of skills are!

Β 10980700_946313978715052_5968855670966593081_n

I really don’t want to call it a skill but whatever you call it, I am glad God is enabling me to create beautiful pictures from beautiful words! :-) This might not be the grandest talent ever but i don’t care! :-) I just wanna make something beautiful whole day.

Happy three-niversary to us!