Why I love Bible Studies so much

Four months ago, I started my first Bible Study group (Pair) with Alni. It was the first and the last. We were not able follow it up with another session because of hectic schedules and yes, laziness.

Now, just a couple of minutes ago, Alni somehow managed to pull some courage and asked me if we can restart the session. Ashamed, I agreed. So, we both gathered and started to recall our first ever lesson,Β Session 5: God’s Word. We are actually following the series on Training for Trainers Material written by Pastor Fred Aviles and his fellow (whose name i forgot, sorry.).

For the first time in looong time, we (re)started our Monday gathering and made it a Saturday Night Bible Study Group. When we were about to begin, Olsen, another roommate of mine, wanted to join the group and so we had it. The Lord had it.

If there’s one thing that I learned from all these experiences, it’s that the Lord will use you if He wants to. No questions. No other powers. No forms of laziness. And no other dominions can prevail over HIM. What I thought would be the ending of our BS Group, seemed to be a refreshing start of some kind of God’s team.

Now, I am praying that God will allow this to continue and to multiply–all for the glory of the Lord. My prayer would be, in case you might wanna pray with us, that this ministry would allow us to bless the Name of the Lord Forever! πŸ™‚ Glory to God alone.


Prayer Requests:


  • Wisdom and Knowledge (Studies): Comm 2; Philo 1; Soc Sci 1; Pol Sci 14; Nat Sci 1; Math 14
  • Focus and Self Control; Time Management
  • Healthy relationship with the Lord
  • Healthy relationship with everyone
  • To be always reminded of this T4T (Training for Trainers) Bible Study Group


  • Wisdom and Knowledge (Studies): Reports and Research Paper/s
  • Guidance; Perseverance; Patience; Strength
  • Good health for her and her family and friends.
  • More Blessings
  • Healthy relationship with the Lord and with everyone
  • Love

Dawn (This is Me) :

  • God’s will regarding the UP Law Aptitude Exam Result
  • Guidance for Thesis
  • Good health (special request)


  • T4T session Next saturday, God’s time and God’s place πŸ™‚
  • More visitors and friends to tag along
  • Wisdom and God’s guidance πŸ™‚

Thank you for praying! God Bless you more!


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