Ball and Sticks after 4 years

It all started when a girl who loved soccer met the guy of her dreams who happened to be a drummer in their church. She was on her first year of college while he was already a sophomore. Although they are from different colleges, they’d meet every Sunday for Church services and every Wednesday for weekly youth fellowships. For her, Sundays and Wednesdays are like summers and Christmas—something she’d look forward to and be excited about. At church, she enjoyed watching him play the drums and often times, if she could, she would stare.

It was one Wednesday night when she found out that he was in a relationship with somebody from another church. Surprised with what she found out, she started a blog and started to pour out all her childish disappointments and heart aches on that blog. She called it—ball and sticks—referring to her, being a soccer player and to him, being a drummer.

Months have passed and she managed to forget about him and move on with her life, although she still kept on writing entries on her Ball and Sticks Blog. Although they were still church mates, she no longer entertained the feeling of being attracted to him since he had a girlfriend. However, as fate would have it, his relationship with the girl finally came to an end. When she learned about the break up, out of nowhere came the feeling of being happy and glad—although she knew it wasn’t right to feel that way.

Perhaps, it was all really meant to be for ball and sticks to be together since after months from the break up, her feelings once again ignited and it was actually more serious this time around. Confused with the situation, she earnestly prayed and prayed about it and then the right time came just when she turned senior, they started to go out. At first, they watched this local movie that she was really dying to see. It was followed by several ice cream moments—after church services—and then a lot of text messages.

There were a lot of times when he would stay up late just to have long phone conversations with her. The friendship started to go deep and their love for kids hastened the process of them liking each other (although she already had special feelings for him). Their relationship was founded on friendship and prayer. It was easy for them to trust and depend on each other. They would discuss things over ice cream and stuffs and often talk about the future. Problems and trials came but they stuck with each other’s company. They easily became each other’s confidante and best friend.

When they graduated from college, they officially started the relationship. It wasn’t easy at first but they were both willing to fix whatever differences may come. He was attached to his phone while she was more of a blogger. He listened and she talked a lot. He could not remember dates but she perfectly could. He was the giver and the gallant but she was the thrift and creative one. He was the patient and the soft-spoken while she was the edgy and the straightforward.

Despite all these differences, they found the special common thing that kept them together—their love for the Lord and for each other. With it, they were able to withstand all problems (so far) and proved that ball and sticks could be the perfectly matched mismatch. ❤


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