I like it Fresh and Clean

I am happy every time I get to receive bouquets of flowers. But despite the joy I feel inside, I just can’t help myself but wish to have the flowers in a ‘simpler’ presentation rather than in a bouquet. I cannot imagine the joy and happiness I would feel if ever I’d get freshly picked flowers tied in a bundle. It would bring me back to the stillness of spending an afternoon in the garden, being surrounded with beautiful and brightly coloured flowers. I cannot imagine any better way of enjoying summer afternoons than to have it in the garden where the scent of flowers make me feel like I am in Barbie’s fairytopia.

I don’t want to be rude and sound demanding. BUT I believe, haha, it would be better if ‘you’ free yourself from all worries and stress by buying expensive and costly bouquets when all I want is a simple bunch of flowers. Not to mention the act of actual picking the flowers would give a little touch of effort from the giver and would actually make it extra special and exciting—brings the fairytale magic. Oh well, I am just saying, though.


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