I tried writing a bitter post Hehe

I always end up being cheated. 

It is like a vicious cycle of falling in love with a man who seemed to be the man of every girl’s dreams and then you try your hardest to make sure he is kept, but then the third party comes, seduces him and breaks your heart. It is a repeating cycle. They say, it’s good because your saving yourself from eventually ending up with a cheater. Some people say that there’s still so many, yea, fish in the sea. But my heart screams voiceless that I am not in need nor in want of any other fish! I have decided to end this futile search for MR. Right because for so long as they are of the male specie, nothing changes.

It is but useless to give them chances and hoping that they might, just might, change and decide to be your man. So long as there are women out there always in search for preys, you’ll never be at peace. World Statistics tells us that the current ratio of woman to man is 5:1. Imagine the life that your fighting with 4 other girls just for one man who can’t even learn how to be loyal? Sometimes, I regret being born to as a woman, but in most cases, I enjoy being one. You see, women enjoy perks that men don’t. For one, we get flowers and chocolates while they don’t. we get freebies and all the gentleness of asking us to let them carry our bags while men don’t get to enjoy those.

Despite all the pros of getting to wear shorts and baggy shirts and still look good, our hearts, are susceptible to get broken. And so, women try their hardest to keep such valuable organ be free from aches and pains.

_This is actually an isolated post. 🙂


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