Two Treasured Instances

To the woman who took my newspapers, I wish we could have spent more time together

She is one of the most important people in your life. After your mother died, it felt like we would never want to deal with such loss again, ever. Now, that she’s in a critical condition, all the memories are flashing back; the emotions of having someone close pass away does not seem to be pleasant and relaxing. Every time you would call, I get nervous sometimes that I keep on thinking how would I comfort you if such fateful day, when your grandma would die, would come.
I would never be equipped as to what would be the right words to say, if there are. I would be the person you wanted to be with when that day comes, but it scares me the most to think of ways to help you calm down. I would never be good in comforting others especially during those situations wherein I know for myself, that it’s not going to be okay, just yet. I just pray to God that He’ll use me to comfort you even for now, to assure you, that God is in control. God is a God who gives and takes away; but despite all these, He is a God of mercy and that all things would work altogether for the good for those who love God.
I knew this person with your random stories about her. They were not plentiful, really; but it seemed to you one of the most treasured moments in your life. That is why, I keep on looking forward to finally meeting her. Actually, I met her already. But during that time, me and Albert were not yet in any kind of relationship—not even friends—when his grandma came to the country to pay them a visit. Albert then had a girlfriend and so, I was never introduced to his grandma even though we used to go the same church since my first year in college. One Sunday morning, I brought with me newspaper for that day because I was so attached and curious about the massacre that happened somewhere in Maguindanao. From where I was seated, I stood up to get myself a glass of water and when I came back from my seat, I saw Albert’s grandma and his son, Uncle Butch, reading my newspapers. I was so kind to let them finish reading the whole thing in their seats only to find out that they brought the paper with them when they got home. They thought that the newspaper was of the church’s and so they were so fond of reading it that they decided to bring it home.
That was my first real encounter with them—funny, right? The second time happened years after that incident when Albert and I already are dating. One summer vacation, Albert went for the states to visit his grandma and also to tour around there. He stayed there for a month and while he was there, his phone got broken and so we had to use the internet to contact each other. One instance wherein I miss him so much, I tried to call him with his phone but I just couldn’t reach him so I tried calling the number which Albert used before when he called me from the states. The woman was so soft-spoken that I thought of her to be Albert’s female cousin. I tried to ask if I could talk to Albert and funnily, she said she doesn’t know any Albert in the house. Desperate, I convinced that I needed to talk to someone named Aviles and only then did she understand that I was referring to Albert and so she told me nicely to wait because she has to go upstairs to Albert’s room and give him the phone. When I was able to talk to Albert, only then was I informed that it was grandma on the phone a minute ago. When I knew this, I was surprised to know that it was the woman who took my newspapers years ago that was on the phone. I wished I could have known and I could have talked to her a bit longer. But I wasn’t able to do so.
Those two instances were the only moments I had with her and too bad because I really wanted to meet her. I wanted to have long afternoon conversations with her about anything under the heat of the sun. I wanted to spend more time, more real times with her. It occurred to me the feeling that I wanted to know her more, be with her more, and talk to her more. MORE MORE MORE. Now, she’s in a critical condition and was transferred to the hospice facility in GA, USA. We’re like miles and miles apart, I know. But despite the distance, I believe, my prayers will reach her and her family anytime. Oceans may have separated us both but the love for the Lord will continue to bind us together and I would cover her with prayers that she’d recover fast and that she’d be as healthy as the eagle again, so we could do shopping together, chat with each other, cook foods, or bake, or whatever really—so long as I am spending time with her. May she be healed by the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.


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