That night I almost killed a roommate

It was a night when I have so much to be done and I really wanted to finish reading lessons. But this roommate came in, logged on her skype account, and started video calling her boyfriend. And she was very noisy that I have to read the sentence 4 times before I could understand it.Β 

I almost ended up killing her for depriving me of my right to read with comprehension. I thought slamming the door would work, but it somehow made the situation even worse. And so, I decided to be civil and talked to her. But when I confronted her of the too much noise she’s making, she got mad! And so I honestly planned to kill her. But thank God, I decided to overcome evil (that’s her) with good! Aha!

Although I wasnt able to really read a lot that night, I decided to sleep early and wake up really early so I can study at dawn. But I wont deny the fact that I almost killed a roommate. πŸ™‚


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