Ps. 139


There’s a huge difference between praising God when you’re in the mountain-top—having all the reasons to laugh and be glad; and when you’re in the deepest valley—when it all seems to be the end of it.

I am currently in a state of hopelessness. Disappointments and depression start filling my heart and I just have to keep laughing so no one would notice. Sad part is, no one seems to listen and understand—not even my friends and my family. I’m bearing all the pain, myself.

But then Lord said, in hopelessness, He is my Hope. In weakness, He’ll be my strength. In sadness, disappointment, He’ll be my joy and my reward. When the world has given me all the reasons to worry, God is all the more giving me that one reason to trust in the truth that He is faithful and always in control. Indeed, no other way to increase my faith but to test it. And though, I am really in tears and heavy-hearted as I write this, I bless the Name of the Lord for He is my refuge and my comfort. He’s my peace and the reason why I live. He has set me here for a purpose of bringing Him praises—not to quit. Life ends when we have fulfilled our purpose not when we fail. And I praise God because even though I am in the desert place and in the wilderness right now—dry and confused—His goodness and presence gave me reasons to sing Him praises!

When tired and weary, we don’t stop, we just take some rest; and once we’re starting to be better, we continue and move forward; looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.



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