DPChallege: Nothing beats the red-yellow-green tandem! :-)

What else could beat the tricolors which scream that it’s Mommy-kissing-Santa Season already?!

When this season comes, not just that we fill our places with poinsettias and pine trees, but we learn to love more, forgive more, laugh our more, and give more! And once the jolly songs are played in malls, we also buy more!

You see, these colors are like my favorite baked lasagna topped with the freshest parsley! Or it could be that stuffed pizza I always love; or the colors of that favorite seasoned flowers–poinsettia.

To top it all, Christmas is not just any other season where we celebrate with our families and friends. It’s the time of the year when we remember the most that a God became flesh and dwelt among us to die on the cross and save us from the wages of sins. Perhaps, it’s even the reason why it’s Christ-mas. 🙂

Cheers! Happy Season everyone! 😀


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