Dawn Talks (Series), People @ CHURCH

Dawntalks about: People at church

I have observed that some people become entirely different when they’re on stage and when they’re not.

I wonder why he smiles a lot and act as if he’s the jolly and happy person while leading the worship; but frowns most of the time when he’s off the stage. On stage, he’s the person who affirms the truth that God is good –all the time and that God is our peace and comfort. But when it comes to the usual fellowship times, he’s the silent, non-talker, super quite, always frowning person who prefers to sit at the back of the rows.

I was just wondering that perhaps if we ought to tell others that our God is a good God all the time, then we have to show IT, practically, all the time! For how on earth will others know that we serve a constant God if for a short span of time, our mood easily swings and we become almost unapproachable after wearing off the friendly smile?

i HOPE he smiles a lot more next time we see each other 😀

pHOTO cREDITS: http://9images.blogspot.com/search?q=SMILE&updated-max=2012-06-29T04:03:00-07:00&max-results=9&start=0&by-date=false


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