Dawn Talks (Series), law school

Dawn talks: about Hardships

I find it ugly when I go through the hardships in life. I think most of us would agree if I say, it’s preferable to stay in the mountain-top rather than in the deep valley. But this made me ask what’s in the valleys that made us not want them and what should be done to find our way back to the mountain top.

I am only 20 and some might say I probably have not gone through life’s MOST painful and excruciating experience but I still have my share of difficulties. Why do we have to suffer? The answer could be in Matthew 9:23 (KJV).

“Jesus said, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.”

The thing about following Jesus is that it requires us to take up our own cross! That’s suffering. We are expected to experience hardships in life! But the great thing is that Jesus will not allow us to be consumed with trials for He is actually expecting us to ENDURE HARDSHIPS. II Timothy 2:3.

This reminds me of that common story about a man led by the Lord to the edge of the cliff. In that case, there’s actually two instances that’ll happen if we fall–either God will catch us or He’ll teach us how to fly. Once we’re getting the feeling of falling off the cliff, always expect that God will not allow you to be crushed and that He is doing something great with that situation.

Just because we’re experience rain and storms does not mean we’re not heading to sunshine! This, may it be a trial or chastisement, will always work altogether for the good. -Romans 8:28.


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