How Tos

How to do away with problems?

That’s the dilemma I am currently struggling with. How to do away with problems. Since problems are not so easy to avoid, here are some tips as to how to do away with ‘already-there’ problems:

1. Know what is exactly the problem.

It’s hard to find for a solution to an unknown dilemma. So, to avoid more hassle, clear your thoughts and spot the main problem.

2. Determine the reason/root cause.

This step will help you realize how to avoid encountering the same problem again. 🙂 I mean, there’s a whole lot of different mistakes in the world for you to repeat one. 😀

3. Clear your mind with worries.

This tip is very important. Remember how the Lord reminded us in the book of Matthew, that worries would not add a single day to our life? That is actually true! Aside from getting that down and hopeless feeling, you also acquire skin and heart problems!

4. Solution is achieved through prayer and meditating on the Word of God (BIBLE).

No other way of solving your problem but by reading and praying. Although trials are not from the Lord, they are permitted to test and increase your faith. And while chastisements are all from the Lord, they are not expressions that God doesn’t love you anymore! But they are for corrections and expressions of Fatherly love. 😀

5. Disappointments are of no good.

Sometimes, we think of our selves as useless and worthless every time we fail. This might be because some people make us feel how unsuccessful we are; how much of a disappointment we are; how tiring it is to be treading under the valley; and all. But you see, we are living for only ONE–that’s the Lord Jesus Christ! And our Christ is no way like them. He doesn’t love us basing on our performance. 🙂 He is no way like human whose love increases with performance. He’s the ONLY ONE who could love you still even when you seem to be the most unlovable! That’s something good!

6. When something is not right, you probably is looking at the left side. Go back to the right side!

This is just something about looking always on the brighter side. 🙂 Errors are to correct; failures are to build you more; sorrows are to make you feel God is our comfort; sadness allows us to see that God is our joy!; and unloving family and friends will always remind us of how imperfect humans are but how perfect God is. 😀

See? Remember, our God– is a God who is in control; the God who CONSTANTLY loves; the God who is constantly working!

7. Lastly, SMILE! 😀

This is the time for you to watch your favorite movie; dance for the Lord; or have a good time with friends! Have a good laugh! It’s works in two ways. It makes you feel better, and it shows others that Christians are victorious in trusting the Lord~no matter what!

Are you feeling sad and weary? God knows exactly how it feels like because Jesus has been there! SO, come to Him and find peace in Him. 🙂

Comment what’s on your mind! Let me know. :p God bless you! 😉


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