Just Sayin

A friend’s worth

To somebody who eats ice cream with me on a sunny day and sings the same old song with me on a rainy one, that person’s worth can be Php 20.00.

For the rich and seemingly self-sufficient, a 20-peso bill can mean nothing. If they will lose one, probably, it won’t hurt. The same is true when a wealthy man gains a 20-peso bill. He might not even bother to care.

But to the poor and needy, the amount can really mean something. Losing and gaining a 20-peso bill will surely be felt~imagine the hurt of losing money and the joy of gaining one. To a person who knows very well her limitations and capabilities, the amount like 20 pesos can probably be the most precious and valuable thing, for with it, one can taste (although temporarily) the joys of life.

With a good friend, the simplest things, when done together, can become one of life’s most extraordinary pleasures!


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