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What seemed to be a horrifying news became my ticket to a sweet experience!

My mom and i decided to take up Cokaliong Shipping Lines from Surigao City in going to Cebu last sunday eve, 4th of November. Since we did not book our tickets ahead of time and considering the passengers from the recent Undas, no more tickets were issued. Perhaps it’s a Filipino thing to ask for other remedies like taking the last resort of becoming chance passengers, as they were called. Even the tellers told us to wait until five in the afternoon and try our luck if the personnel that they call ‘purser’ will issue extra tickets for chance passengers.

Hoping for the best, we tried along with other passengers but 5:30pm came and no purser came. Even the tellers were harsh and did not even listened or even looked at us. Finally, when my mom and most of the passengers became irritated, we decided to confront and ask anyone who was inside the cell. A middle-aged man said in a strong voice that they can no longer issue any ticket. But prior to this confrontation, we noticed that several people came inside the office to ask for tickets from him. Probably, that was what we usually call in our local dialect as ‘palusot,’ also known as patronage system.

IF ONLY we were told and confirmed in a much earlier time, we could have thought of other means and alternative plans like taking another ship or ferry boats available also in the city, instead of wasting the whole afternoon waiting for nothing and clinging to that false hope.

But hey, it did not end bad. Actually the fun just started! So, there we were, confused and had no other way to go. Since we really needed to be in Cebu, we tried the road less traveled. 🙂

Because of that situation i had the chance of meeting several kinds of people. I met the pretty girl, the trusting fellow, the help, the clown, the story teller, and the concerned.

THE PRETTY LADY. She’s the one who has the looks and the great smile! She’s practically the charming. In the group, it was Paula who had the charm to ask every local and every ‘ka sakay’ of what direction should we be heading and of what ferry whould we be taking. Because of her looks, it was easy to attract muscles that will help us with our extra baggages. In a group of almost 15 people, you’ll never know when will someone like her come in handy. 🙂

THE TRUSTING FELLOW is actually the one who gives her number so you can call her in case of emergency and leaves her baggages behind with someone who is willing to stay. She is the one who is willing to give extra money and trusts you enough to return the excess.

THE HELP are those muscled men who are willing to help you carry those heavy bags. Probably, in the group, they are one of the most important people, hehe. It’s always good and comforting to know that even if you’re travelling alone and it seemed to you that you are new to the place, someone is willing to give a lift when needed.

THE CLOWN. Aha! They are the jolly makers, as I call them. From the long hours of jeepney rides and long wait in terminals, these people would never let even a single dull moment. Perhaps, they might become everybody’s favorite. They find everything funny and somehow manage to ease the stress from the tiresome journey. 🙂

THE STORY TELLER AND THE CONCERNED are practically similar to each other. In most cases they are the old and aged or perhaps just the most experienced in the group. It might be a possibility that many of you are travelling for the first time and with these kind of people, you’ll somehow feel a lil bit secured. They are, most likely, the decision makers and the planner of the group–always has a plan in case one will not work.

And so, I actually met these kinds of people and I’m thankful to the Lord for allowing me to see the good in all things. 🙂 Eventhough we suffered from a lot of mishaps, the instant adventure and the chance of seeing new places with new people made it worthwhile and worth keeping 🙂 Just consider all things as blessings and always look forward in finding the better purpose of the Lord out of everything!

How about you? Do you have any misadventures turned into sweet journeys? How did you see God working in and with your situation? Let me know and comment below. God bless! =)


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