Just Sayin

No Title, I guess

Sometimes I honestly believe losing some people in my life, as if I am just deleting some Facebook friends, would be a lot lot lot easier than actually dealing with them, if not everyday, a couple of times a week.

Funny, but it’s actually what I feel the moment I pretentiously smile at them as if I am indeed glad to see them. Really. Hypocrite, no? 😀 Haha! But do you actually believe that we can be friends (like the real one ba) with everyone despite all our blatant differences? YEA YEA i Know what you’d say–like we compromise, we tolerate some, disregard the bad sides, and consider the good and bright side. BUT ISN’T IT JUST EASIER IF WE IGNORE AND DECIDE NEVER TO SEE THEM AGAIN? :p

This is one of the reasons why I actually like blogging. It’s like letting your thoughts out without offending others and without actually telling anyone. And the readers who randomly read your blog would spend the next ten seconds thinking and trying to figure out who you’re actually referring to. HAHAHA. I know that coz I actually do that, like everytime I read random posts of other co-bloggers or even just bitter FB posts, I always wanna know the WHO. :p Curious, I guess.


BUT REALLY, this post is just a silly mind game that’s vain and worthless of time. Sorry if it took your precious minute. 🙂 I just have to write something to update this — blog.


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