What (MY 1ST YEAR IN) Law school taught me

For the past months, I have found myself learning a lot of life lessons that I thought I already knew when I graduated from college. 

When I was joining essay writing contests way back in high school, I used to say intelligence and brilliance will be your express ticket to success but only the right character will keep you there. All these years, I thought I understood every bit of that line, until I actually hurdled my first year in law school. 

The first few days in law school were more like cloud nine for me. You get to call yourself a law student, bringing those bulky books, and scattering your colored notes over the table in a coffee shop pretending to be the busiest. But the later days were actually a series of battles where every night after class, I call myself a survivor, for I survived the day and hoping to survive the following days.

In law school, I met a lot of people. It was very hard for me to find and make new friends at first, considering that college attitude I have, I thought I can do without any companions at all. But it was here where I actually learned (and learned, as in SUPER LEARNED) that No Man is an Island. We all need each other to survive. Even the lousiest jokes would mean so much to brighten up the mood after a failed oral exam. 

A lot of people would think that here, competition is the rule. Yes, it’s quite true for some people I know who openly (and healthily) competes with others. But what I actually saw inside the room was just an atmosphere of persons striving hard enough just to get through the day, encouraging one another in times of need, and of course, praying for each other. 

Inside this world, I can see a bright future ahead of us. And much to my surprise, it was here where I actually learned the value behind camaraderie–the spirit of  good fellowship. When all else fails, the bond remains. And I’d like to think that’s one recipe in making the right character we will all need! 


4 thoughts on “What (MY 1ST YEAR IN) Law school taught me”

    1. Wow. Flattered to hear such a compliment from you erky. One of the best. Hehehe but Let me bring all the glory to the Lord! 🙂 Glory is His! Thanks! God bless Mua.

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