Just a Few Good Men

It may be the first time for me to say this or write about this but I have to write something about this. 

First, I praise my God for His faithfulness. It said in His Word in Romans chapter 8, verse 28, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” This is what I considered to be my LIFE VERSE. 🙂

Despite what happened recently to my church, the Good Lord kept us all intact by lighting in us, a passion for His Glory. I did not realize what His plans for us were, until we started praying and He started answering us through Romans 8:28.

Just after my first year in law school ended, believe it or not, I somehow planned how my Summer would look like. This is so common for those, like me, who were somehow deprived of temporary freedom from reading endless books. As much as possible, I wanted my summer to be 60% soaked in the beach and 40% sleeping. I honestly thought I will be getting so much rest now than I had in years.

But God doesn’t work like that. He’s not a boss who will just approve or sign what the secretary proposes. He has the master plan. And true enough, He made me and all the church members the busiest ants ever! But we are overjoyed and grateful for the opportunity to serve Him.

I love to think that like Gideon, God executes His perfect plan for us all by downsizing us, His people. We would say, “Lord, how are suppose to work and conquer the battle with this few men left?” But God’s power is unconditional. Does not really depend on the no. of soldiers left. What matters most is the heart of those people left–hearts willing to be used by and for the Lord. Just like how the loaf toppled down the tent, according to the scriptures. I am really excited with what God has in store for my church. I cannot contain the joy in my heart, that it makes me wanna shout!

Though a number of people left our church, I somehow consider it as a blessing in disguise. I do not know what’s the connection, but I observed that since they left, victories come in numbers! First, other old members were revived. Relationships began anew. Second, the Lord empowered us, the youths, to do the Daily Vacation Bible School for kids ages 4-15. It was a victory, really. Something that will always be treasured, esp by a teacher like me who witnessed how God helped those kids read HIS WORD for the first time.

Now, we are blessed with our recent activity, A Series of Crusade in different barangays here in our locality. We had our first crusade in Brgy. Quezon and all I could say is, TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY!

Ate Susan told me, my name means Doing Achievements Winning Negatives. Sometimes, we just have to look at things in a different perspective so we could win all the negatives and make them positive ones! 

All it takes is the FAITH in the LORD of those few good men.


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