Early morning time with the Lord

I know God has created me to bring back glory to HIM. But as I continue my journey, apart from that inherent duty of mine, I thank God because HE made me experience more of Him each day. Back then, I used to think logically and start to fill my heart with nothing more than bitterness. Then I realized that if you put more trash in, nothing good will come out but also trash. But God’s touch restores!

Then I knew, I was not just created to glorify Him plainly. I was created to experience HIM more and to live a victorious life SO I CAN BRING BACK ALL THE GLORY TO HIM. Now, as I pursue all my dreams and perhaps my family’s dreams as well, I will never worry about problems coming in because I know, that somehow, somewhere, it’ll all be just perfect and glorious.

Think of those trials as an opportunity to trust God more and to be open for another victory! 🙂 TO GOD BE THE GLORY-ALL OF IT.


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