Forever YOU are Faithful, Forever. Forever. Forever!


Birthdays are always a blessing. 🙂 for the past 21 years, all i thought about was wearing bikinis, drinking my first glass of vodka, painting my nails red like crazy, and many others. (Though I havent tried any of those, except red nails) I realized there’s more to life than just bein wild and crazy. I praise my God for the gift of life. I could have died but He saved me. Now, i get to experience joy and His love thru family and friends. 🙂 whatta blessing! Good and joyous morning everyone!!!

Forevah 21! Cheers!

(On the photo, that’s me while I am writing this post. :p I woke up one morning feeling crafty and so I decided to cut my old Amazing Grace Tee Shirt and made a sando out of it. It was cute and creative, too!)


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