Just Sayin, People @ CHURCH

He’s on it!

Anxiety is when I invite someone to the church. Just like this morning when a classmate in lawschool came to attend the service. I am always overwhelmed with worries that I start asking silly questions like,

Are you ok?
You comfortable?
Can you see the lyrics of the song?
Is it too loud here?
Where do you wanna be seated?

And if the sermon has started, do you find it too long? Or too short?

I always make the fuss of going from nonsense questions to insensitive ones, like, do you know how to open or find a book in the Bible? Need help?

I always worry that he wont like it in the church and I always concern myself of bringing friends to the church when i should be thinking of bringing them to Jesus!

Then I stopped and thought about it. Seems like to me, Jesus isn’t enough when the truth is, JESUS IS MORE THAN ENOUGH!

And then came, His peace telling me, He’s on it!

Praise the LORD for today’s sermon! Wonderful reminder for all of us, esp for me. Passage taken from the book of Psalm 18:1-6 (The whole chapter, actually, is as wonderful as the first few verses. You might wanna read it.



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