Project Thankful

Walking Blessings~ Mom&Dad

Today I am grateful to the Lord for my awesome parents!


My dad wants me skinny with no fats in the belly and wants me to wear tight high-waist shorts at night to encourage shape. Every Sunday morning, when I am all dressed up for church, he would make me walk to and from him to see if I am walking like a lady. How cool is that?

And mom? Oh, I bet she’s a lot sexier than me! Those legs? Gosh, I want those legs! πŸ™‚

They are probably the coolest mom and dad ever! And I think everybody says this referring to their parents, b/c it’s just so true! The Lord hand-picked them for us coz they are just the best for us! πŸ™‚ And I am so grateful for mine.


My dad suffered from a heart attack years ago that’s why he’s having a not so hard time walking. But he came over to the city, conquered the 6-hour bus ride and an overnight boat ride just to attend my graduation!

Mom worked so hard just to give me everything I need and want. She prolly did not prepare me a sandwich, but she did make sure we don’t starve. πŸ™‚


They said they are proud of me, but I am more proud of them both. They are like walking blessings to me!


And today, I say, Thank You Lord for my heaven-sent blessings! ~Mom and Dad.


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