30 Day About Me Challenge

Day 2nd

Day 02: The meaning behind your blogger name.

This is not so hard to guess, right? Dawn talks. My name is Dawn and I talk a lot.

Most of the time, I talk about random things to random people. I am the kind who would spill out a secret with someone I just shared the same flight with. I get it. It’s a struggle to filter the words coming out. It’s like I always feel the urge of talking about that funny roommate, or that lovely beach, or that annoying guard or even a fight with a friend.

But this time, I want to talk sensibly, as much as possible, Hehe. But forgive me if my being so sponty differs from that desire. Not just about the randomness of life, but about the beauty of it. If I were a photographer, I’d probably pierce the mundane to find the marvelous. But as a person who likes to blog, I just want to magnify the simplest of things. And probably I also want to enhance my writing skills.

I believe, the Lord surprises us in big and small ways. The big ones, we celebrate. But the small ones, sometimes we just ignore. Little do we know that the little ones need to be cherished, too! Like the perfect ring of an elevator door, or an unexpected discount on that book you’ve been saving for, or the friend who shares an umbrella with you, or a kid who just giggled.

These small and little things are like single push ups~insignificant if taken individually. But if taken altogether, you see how wonderful the whole picture will be.

Today, I am thankful to the Lord for this blog. What are you thankful to the Lord for?


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