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The best part about weddings

Today, I am thankful for a minute (or two) of peace~ His peace.

With the midterm exams coming up, books and notes piling up, health problems and broken hearts, I am all the more thankful for I have never been more prayerful in my life than now.

But hey! This is a happy post. So today, I’ll be talking about weddings.

You probably noticed my passion for weddings, I even made a different page about it and called it– The Fever.

I have been to many weddings before but each one is different.

I am not a pro when it comes to taking pictures but I treasure moments. Though not picture-perfect but just has so much to say.


The pic above is funny and so candid. Since she was not so smiling that day, it’s a relief I got a photo of her with a smile. 🙂

But even if the bride and the groom deserves the limelight, my favorite part in a wedding is these tiny cutiepies.


They seem not to mind the program goin on and they love to run all the time!

I tried to take a group picture. In my attempt,

To me, they are like little firecrackers cannot be contained. Always on the move, curious, and thinking. Hours spent with them are like years of learning. Sometimes, the best lessons in life are learned from a 5-year old.


Their innocence and faith encourage me in my faith and they inspire me to be a better and responsible adult.


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