Project Thankful

Proud Heart

My heart is so proud. My mind is so unfocused. I see the things You do through me, as great things I have done…
-Laura Story

It was just a song I sing in the shower until I realized I was becoming more like it.

Eventually, things changed. Time became an enemy. I grew cold and cared less. Forgiving others did not matter. Dint have time for that.

But when I prayed for a softened heart, He got me a funny answer.

The forgiven can do some forgiving, too!

The more I thought about it, forgiving others seemed so hard. It felt like I was better off alone. It never mattered. But not anymore.

God’s patience, esp with me, amazes me every time. He keeps on waiting, never tired.
I am encouraged to be just like Him, my Supermodel.


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