Thru the years!


Chick flicks and RomComs are far from being real but I am not in for a trade!

While many are busy blabbing about how cool being single is, don’t worry, I totally get it. Sometimes, I miss being single, too. Haha but for now, just please let me.

He is a fellow believer of Christ. First became a brother to me before he became a boyfriend. Loves God above all else and is probably a Class A teacher when it comes to patience.

He loves. Gives. And loves some more.

Laughing buddy, supporter, prayer partner, pal, confidante, and all!

Doctor soon-to-be.
Dancing Diva wanna-be.
Great friend.

Today, I am thankful for this man. The one who buys me Hershey’s every time. I LOVE YOU!


3 thoughts on “Thru the years!”

  1. Ahw that is so sweet ^^
    And thank you for your comment, of course I will check it ^^ can’t wait to see it! Don’t forget to mention me 😀


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