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The very same dress

I have been to many weddings and I realized I have always been wearing the same dress! The one Abert gave me when he wanted to do shopping one evening…

First wedding the dress attended was Auntie Neneng’s and Uncle Noel’s 25th silver wedding anniversary. On the photo, they are on the background.


I volunteered to take shots for their wedding. My favorite is


She was on her way to her last rose before she could reach her man. 😉 perfect! Tap on my back, good job dawnie! :-))

Then I got invited to ate Prescyl’s wedding. Twas a bit exciting because the wedding was held in our very own church! But the reception was had somewhere else.


The groom and Me wearing my favorite wedding dress.


And the latest wedding I attended, prolly the fanciest of them all. The color motif was icey blue and TaraFriend was telling me to wear something blueish or icey, but I decided to wear my favorite wedding dress–peachy pink–because I like it.



Sorry for the low res photo, no dslr available so I had no choice but my iPad. And the lightings inside wasn’t friendly for my poor iPad cam. But twas good still because I kept on uploading photos the whole time. It was so easy with iPad. You can practically do anything; provided there’s wifi.

But back to my dress, yes I wore it today.


I paired it with my maong cardigan and I did not find time to take it off when I spontaneously asked these kids to pose for a pic with me! They have lovely poses. Little Icey in my left is so cute but little FireFly on the other side is just so stunning! The boys knew what they were doing, too! PotatoTops here tried to act as if he’s punching little boy. But if only the photo could record the sounds, we could here them laughing and giggling softly while striking their pose.

Oh kids. I just love to be with them, whenever I can find one, i cant help it! Makes me think what kind of mom am I going to be?

But yes, the dress. It feels like it’s also a witness to all the vows couples made. I am glad I get to be a part of something special wearing the very same dress. It’s like a friend you can share tears of joy and giggles with. I’m glad I have one.


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