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Just one fine morning, I thought

Project Thankful: Today I am held in surprise! And I thank my Lord Jesus for that wonderful surprise.

Most of the grades are out today. As I opened up my account and clicked to view my grades, I did not see Christ coming that way! Perfect! What a surprise!

Last night, I was so depressed and worried I studied until 2 am. It seemed that to sleep was a sin. I was not at ease knowing I did not have good exam results. But this morning, Jesus came to my rescue. Just right in time.

I always admire His timing–never too late, nor too soon.

God’s timing is so perfect. Just enough for me to realize I am disabled without Him, and just enough for me to be assured, He will always be in control.

In my TAG (Time Alone with God), He told me He loves to come in surprise! Once in Paul’s life, when Paul was busy persecuting Christians, GOD came in surprise to Paul and changed him and made him to preach. Galatians 1:15-16

I remember, It was just one fine morning when God surprised Moses through the burning bush when He broke the news that Moses will be leading God’s people out of Egypt into deliverance.

Even for Abraham, the father of many nations, he heard the news, also, in surprise that Sarah will be pregnant soon! And the same thing with Mary, when the angel of the Lord told her she has been chosen to, what?! Have a Child, JESUS, despite her being a virgin.

The thing is, God loves to come in surprise. And we must expect that.

We must expect His coming by always leaving an empty chair for Him. By opening our hearts and minds to God, by seeking Him in everything, and by looking closely to Him, we expect His coming, but not in a certain way.

When storms and waves faltered the disciples’ faith, Jesus came in surprise, walking on the waters, to their rescue. Ha ha ha I just love that story. Indeed, we cannot expect God to come in a certain manner we want Him to come.

That is my God, the One who surprises me every time. Praises and Glory be His!

How about you? How did He surprise you? I’d love to hear those stories.


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