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The day he went off beardless

Today, I am grateful for this walking blessing and for the dinner.

We decided to celebrate. I don’t know why, maybe because Abert finallyshaved off his beard.


Dont tell him I blogged about this. (Hahaha)

But yes, we opted to celebrate this life changing event and we’ll continue to celebrate God’s greatness in our lives!

And every time we feel like celebrating we both know a good place–The Old House. Actually, we come here a lot. With or without occasions. It doesn’t matter.

We love it here. The lights, the smoke, the people, the tables, everything’s familiar.


We ordered the usual.


I love our time together. Every time we’re together, it seems like we never fight! We (mostly, I) talk about practically everything! About our day, past life, future life. Yes, we talk about the future. It’s actually our favorite topic.

We create scenes of dreams and goals. Like having a really big family. We’d name our kids this and that. Then we’d dream of living in a big house with 7 rooms, one for each kid and extra for guests.

Last week, while looking at furnitures, I told him I want a big sofa that can accommodate us both and the kids. He said, he’ll choose the color.

Abert is actually the best human-guy-friend, ever! A great listener and draws me closer to God than anybody else ever could.

Philippians 1:3

I thank my God upon every remembrance of you.


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