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Eating Human Manure: only in law school

Many of you would probably think that we, in law school, survive the day by reading, reading, and reading. But little do you know that what we actually do is dodge bullets!

Take off those blazers and you’ll see stuntmen, singers, and dung-eaters.

After oral recits, I know, in our hearts and minds, we sing in chorus…

Bulletproof, nothing to lose! Fire away, fire awaaaaaaayyyyyyyy! Ricochet! Take yer aim, Fire away, fire awaaaaaayyy!!!

And the song goes on…

Shoot me down, but I wont fall. I am…

Wait for it..

Wait for it..


Hahaha! Besides singing to our heart’s desire, we eat.

Like this


Have you tried eating that?




You should try it sometimes. Remember, the fresher and mushier, the better! Just ignore the smell, you’ll get used to it!


Happy Lunch!


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