i am not ashamed of JESUS

Making Jesus Famous: i am not ashamed challenge

I am doing The One Week I AM NOT ASHAMED Challenge from Zer’s inspiring blog!

I am so glad I found him here at wordpress because I miss the way God speaks through him.

So for starters like me, what we do is promote Jesus!

Very easy! But not if you’re fond of sharing 9gag memes or youtube video pranks like me! But for my God, this challenge I will do.

One Week “I Am Not Ashamed” Challenge:

  • Post at least once a day (if you want to do more, that’s great!).
  • Post at least three verses where you believe God has spoken to you.
  • Tell the world you are not ashamed of Jesus and what He has done for you!
  • Don’t post anything that doesn’t point to God. (Basically, only post things that point to God!)
  • Twitters, tweet minute-blessings! If you could do second-blessings, even better!
    Facebook statuers, (is that even a word?) post everyday blessings and your everyday memory verses!
    Instagrammers, (hehe sorry for the terms) post anything about God’s beauty! Let’s magnify the Creator not the creation.

    It’s just for one week. But if it becomes a habit and we become crazy for God, we might wanna do this challenge forever. Together, let’s make Jesus Famous!

    Praise and glory to my King!

    Don’t forget to hashtag at either #IAmNotAshamed or #AllInNotAshamed.


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