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PAW Nyt: what actually happens every Wednesday Night

Today, I am thankful for PAW Nyts.

PAW Nyt stands for Prayer Adoration and Worship Nyt. Basically, college students from different universities and colleges in Cebu City would meet and together, praise the Lord.


Every PAW nyt starts with a game. Sometimes, we are grouped, sometimes not. But one thing is for sure. If you lose, you get powdered.


Although it’s not the main part, many funny (and remarkable) pictures are actually taken during games. Exhibit A:




The prize doesn’t matter. Even if it’s just a pack of candies, and even if both the winning and losing team gets the same pack, our competitiveness is not diminished. Not even by an inch.



In our attempt to win, we forget poise.


But that’s okay. Like they say, what’s important is that you enjoyed the game.

After sharing prizes, we start the worship service. There’s a good transition here. If you’ve been to one PAW nyt before, you’ll know what I mean.

Aside from all the fun and silly games and faces we make, we worship our living GOD.



The main goal of Paw nyt is to reach out. Show to others that our God is an accessible God. The One that can be reached anytime!

With that in mind, we’ve continued to invite various people to PAW Nyt, and every time they ask about it, we tell them it’s a fun way of knowing more of God.

For some, they come out of curiosity. Others are just invited by regular comers. But many of us come to PAW nyt in hopes of finding rest and quick source of serenity.

At PAW, my role is not really that dramatic. But God has placed me in an area where, I believe, would help me best develop. And shine for Him.

I tried to write about it here but decided to write a different post about it later.

On days like today, I wish it’s Wednesday Night when I can hurry up my way to the church after class just not to miss PAW!




Photos taken by Krisjiv. A very talented photographer! Glory to God!


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