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Oh Happy Day

Yesterday was happy! Mom came to pay me a visit.

It’s the kind of day that I exactly need whenever I am overwhelmed with all the worries and cares in life. I always look forward to spending quality time with my favorite woman.

So when she told me she’s coming, I thought of listing down things we have to do like shopping and eating like crazy I got super duper excited!

I am always thankful every time mommy pays me a visit. I feel extra loved and makes me VERY GRATEFUL to the Lord for everything!

The more time I spend just talking to her makes me admire her more. Her independence, it may seem, actually shows up her total dependence on the Lord. Her strength makes me realize that her source is actually God alone. And when she boasts on something, I know for sure she’s boasting about the goodness of our Lord!

My mom is actually my teacher when it comes to giving. This is one of the MANY reasons why I am so grateful to the Lord for making her my mom. I have seen her strong desire to help and give without expecting anything in return. And every time people thank her, she tells them to thank JESUS instead.

A woman of God, indeed. For me, she’s a clear depiction of how Proverbs 31:10-31 looks like!



I praise my God for my mom, best friend, and a sister I never had! 🙂


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