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Songs for the soul

This is me, in pain. But I am not filling up this place with sad and ugly posts (from now on). So this is a happy post, I hope.

Today, I am thankful for gospel songs that goes from singable (for my level) to danceable. Since the Planetshakers’ Concert last Friday, I am always on the mood for singing and (most of the time) dancing their songs!

I admit it’s just recent that I developed this habit of listening to the lyrics rather than to the tune. The concert experience taught me the importance of memorizing lyrics. It also helps me screen which songs I should be listening to, esp if they are not gospel songs. Not to mention that the world, nowadays, is filled with filthy and worthless and senseless songs! It’s good to be able to know which are worth your 5 minutes. πŸ˜‰

Some of my Most Played Songs are the following:

(Categorized according to Artist)

By Planetshakers:

Put Your Hands Up, Limitless
The Anthem, Limitless
You Are Stronger, Limitless
Let Praise Awaken, Limitless
Your Name Brings Healing to Me, Limitless
Do it again, Heal Our Land
Nothing is Impossible, Deeper

By Stellar Kart:

Centerfield, The Best of
Life is good, The Best of

Other Artists, known or unknown to me

Unashamed by Starfield
So Good to Me by Hillsong Kids


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