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First Sunday of my 2-week break

Too bad I did not have camera with me yesterday. But even without photos, I wanna let you know that yesterday was one of the most awesome days I had in months!!!!!!!

I woke up super early to see my nephew, Fivo, and to check how he’s been since I left for Cebu last May. As I cuddled him around, uncle Nilo cooked his freshly caught fish for breakfast. The Best.

Here’s a photo of Fivo, 2 months.



Then we went to church. Reunion. And back to Church after lunch for the Children’s ministry at Bioto. 🙂

After teaching the kids, we (the youth and some adults) decided to go for some snacks! And we all thought it was the best time for some cassava pudding



Pudding is a sweet delicacy which is famous to be from Tago, Surigao del Sur. I know there are different versions of it, I am not even sure if it’s actually a pudding. But for us, we call it pudding. He he he

The travel with some kids and young people under the clear sunset, which was probably the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen in months, was all breathtaking!!  No doubt I am really in love with my hometown. No matter how little the break is, I always come home.

I love the soft brisk of the sun that makes everything lovely. I praise my Creator for such wonderful and amazing creation that shows how pretty and creative my God is. 🙂


Next time, I promise to bring a camera with me.


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