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Twas a fine day, Looking Back

A day with little ones. I can remember it was a very fine day. As soon as I arrived home for my Christmas break, I went to see my cousins who were, as usual, spending the season with us.


I have lots of cousins from my father’s side of the family. Most of them I know, some I haven’t even met. Only the closer ones get to come home for Christmas, but those residing outside the country, they dont get to come that often. SO whenever we’re complete, it’s a little bit extra special. 🙂


ImageBecause I have lots of cousins, I also have lots of nieces and nephews. The one at the top, she’s not really related to me but she’s one of the babies my cousins would bring with them. And being a kid-lover, i have no problem with that!


She’s shy, barely talks. I cant even remember her real name. Haha! But I am sure she’s one of the cutest. Currently, she has only two ways of communicating–either she smiles or cries.

Meet my nephew, Chace. Very handsome and so smart. We call him Chickoy. 🙂


My favorite moments with chickoy are our kissing moments, yaya moments, chasing each other moments, and many more. I have become the tita-slash-yaya not just to him but also to most of my cousins’ kids. It has always been a pleasure. 🙂


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