Just Sayin, Project Thankful

A quick thought when I’m in my bed

During lazy days, I spend the whole day in my bed. It has ben my best friend since my first day at home. I actually find myself enjoying every minute I spend there. There, I watch movies, I listen to songs, play games with my Ipad, and observe the birds outside through my window.

I also find myself a very good view of sunsets while I am in my bed. The sun beam makes me excited and glad for another day of rest. How I wish every day would be just like this. Relaxing, Fresh, Lazy. But sometimes it can be a bit boring. And when I become bored, I get excited for classes.

The only company I have in my bed is this tiny stuffed toy Lola Belen once gave me. It’s Santa’s Reindeer Puppet. It got to my bed one day when Baby Fivo came for a visit. I thought he might need something to play with.


Apart from that lonely toy, my best buddy is my remote. 🙂 Lately, I have been tuning into Star Movies for Sweet Flicks (always been my type) and Cinema One for Tagalog Favorites.

Thank You Lord for the rest and for the time to unwind. Thank You for the movies and for babies. Thank You Lord for the gift of family. I’ll treasure these blessings.


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