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Five at Six!

Today I am thankful for Baby Fivo.

My Baby Fivo is simply awesome and exquisite. With him learning how to smile more in front of the camera, I enjoy our photo-taking sessions. What actually happens is a lot of playing. We play with him and sing songs for him too. My little brother enjoys this more. His natural love for little ones make me smile big. I know he’s gonna be a good kuya (older brother) not just to Fivo but to everyone, even to me.


It’s important we play with Fivo when I take photos. It’s because playing peek-a-boo with him is the ONLY way you can get those yummy and charming smiles.Β ImageAside from taking Fivo’s photos, the thing I love doing is cuddling him around in my tiny arms. I love his sweet milky smell especially when he eats his hands. Yes, our baby Fivo is a thumb sucker. Not just his thumb, really, but can also include all his other four fingers. How do you call that?

Now that Baby Fivo is already six months old, he has become more attentive and communicative. He starts identifying colors and determining sounds. Thus, we know that red chili is more attractive than the green and the brown ones. He can also know if we’re calling him by name or if it’s just the dog barking.

With all these improvements, we are a bunch of excited and happy people! πŸ™‚


thank You Lord.


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