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My 1UP Experience

I have always enjoyed repacking relief goods. And every time I join one, I always end up tired and worn out. It’s very fulfilling, I know, but can also be tiring.

But this time, my beloved University of the Philippines Cebu (UP-C) hosted 1UP Yolanda Relief Drive. It aimed at gathering financial aid and also goods to be repacked. And the thing is, everybody enjoyed the event!! Thank God I pushed through!

I tagged Albert along as he was also planning to volunteer and when we got there, I searched for familiar faces. I found my boardmates and friends. Instant Reunion. Love!

I also found my best friend! HA! Perfect. Now I know I can endure the longest line in my life. What a relief!

So the repacking event actually started with a VEEEEERY long line. Each participant (who by the way were registered at the gate and paid P20) were given white plastic bags. Then you’r off to go and ready to fall in line.

When we reached the end, we started putting in 1 kilo of rice; 2 canned goods (sardines); 3 noodles (but they eventually ran out of noodles); and 1liter of mineral water. That’s the 1+2+3+1 formula.

After repacking your first set of 1+2+3+1, you can go back and start again. But twas too long for a second round. So we settled down and had some snacks. By the time we ended our round, the total relief goods packed reached 12,000++ (still counting since the drive will last until midnight).


The cute part is, once you sign up, you get to write the yolanda victims a small note to uplift them, somehow. The green cards were given to us and I wrote:

    Naga ampo mi para ninyo. Ayaw lang kawad-i ug paglaum. Salig lamang sa Ginoo! Gi mahal namu kamo.

    We are praying for you all. Don’t lose hope. Trust in the Lord! We love you.

Those might be just words to some but I intend them to be tight and warm hugs to whoever gets my little note. True, despite all the negative events around us and with all the flaws our government leaders have, we are all in this together. To uplift must be our concern. To help must be our action. And to pray, we must never cease.

In God’s time, He will heal us and heal our land. He holds back nothing that will heal us, not even His own Son–Jesus.

Salig sa Dios!

If you are interested in donating whatever you can give, you can comment below so I’ll be able to direct you to those who hosted last night’s 1UP The Yolanda Relief Drive. God bless you!


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