Project Thankful

To the boy i love the most

Baby Feeve is perfectly perfect. Every time I pay him a visit, I snuggle and nuzzle with him. But I like his tiny feet more. They are my favorite.


My little brother loves to come too. He gets excited if we’d visit the baby. Sometimes, when we’re doing groceries or shopping, he looks at tiny shoes and thinks of babies we know. He’d often say, this would be perfect for baby Prince! Or he would say, Baby Feeve would like this!

His own way of showing how he loves kids makes my mom laugh. In our family, little brother is our baby. He’s the one who gets all the snuggles and kisses! He lets us. I think he likes it, too. So whenever he acts as a big brother to other kids, it makes my heart smile.




My little brother has grown up into a fine young man we want him to be. And I am thankful to God for my little brother. He has always been the finest blessing to our family! A joy we will always have.

Writing this makes me smile like crazy. I miss him. πŸ™‚


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