Project Thankful

Happy and Proud

Today I am thankful to the Lord for mom’s visit. She attended a seminar in Manila and decided to come and visit me for the weekend. She always does this on her way home.

So today, I am happy she’s here. I am super happy in fact I stayed up late last night to study everything for today’s class so I can spend the whole morning with her. 🙂 Whenever she’s around, my independent and mature self vanish into thin air–leaving behind the childish baby-like me. I enjoy our sweet snuggles and kisses when we share the bed and I always miss our long talks about life, love, and life, and love again.

From her travel to Manila, she brought me this. (YAAAYYY)


Haha! I’m wearing it today and I’m like getting a lot of stares. Haha some even asked where did I get this. He he he! So happy and proud! Hahahaha

Everytime you purchase this shirt, a very big portion of the profit will go to Yolanda Victims in some parts of Visayas and 7.2 Magnitude Earthquake victims in Bohol.

Thank You Lord!!


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