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The Sister I never had

I seldom blog about Albert. But today, I will. I am thankful to the Lord for him. A very good friend and an excellent sister! Hehe

Kidding. Albert is actually my boyfriend. We started out as very good friends and ended up being siblings. Maybe that’s the reason why we fight like crazy. But I am super duper thankful for this man.

He is a very good listener (which is very nice because, yaknow, I have the tendency to do all the talking). And the best part is that he sides with me, like all the time! Hahaha! Prolly the reason why we became very close friends. As far as I know, (and I think I have to put emphasis on that) we dont have secrets. Not even the lousiest thought we have. Is that creepy?

Before, (there’s actually before and an after version) Albert doesn’t really like adventure that much, never creative, and forgets things especially dates! He’s a bit organized than i am, never spontaneous, and doesn’t eat exotic foods. So gay, right?

He used to be tough and hates tagalog movies.

But now, we’ve been on different adventures already including a couple of ziplines and skywalks, he made me a heart-shaped box all by himself, and he can recall a few special dates! How’s that?



He has become more spontaneous than ever (by deciding one day to shave off his beard!), and eats kinilaw and all those street foods I love.

And yes he is still tough. BUT he now cries over melo-dramatic tagalog films that I love. Yes, tears.


It makes me laugh to even think about all these changes. And I am truly grateful! Happy many many months!!


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