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Clubhouse-slash-Panini using left overs

How to make homemade easy and yummy Panini using some left overs.

Last time for PAW (Prayer Adoration Worship) Nyt, we had Paninis for snacks. We tried to be more creative this time because we were actually serving more or less 70 hungry people. So we came up with this idea of making the snacks a little bit heavier.

We need:

  • Loaves of Bread (each loaf can feed 13 people so you do the math if you’re serving many)
  • Butter (I tried not to go with the cheap one, so we used Anchor)
  • Filled Cheese
  • Some left overs (ours was cooked ground pork)

Step 1: Cut the bread into halves forming little triangles. As if you’re making club house sandwiches.Β 


Step 2: Spread some butter over a piece of bread and top it with cheese. Then put one pc of bread on top of it.



Step 3: The final layer will be your left overs. Nothing could go wrong here πŸ™‚ After that, top it again with another pc of bread and viola!


We paired this yummy snack with iced tea with gulaman. You can also opt for some flavored juice of your choice with fruit bits! πŸ™‚


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