Dawn Cooks, Project Thankful

They loved my sambo, and I love their sneaking in to get some!

Last night at PAW CHRISTMAS PAWRTY, I admit. I wasn’t in the right state of mind. Haha! Having to cook the whole night before and the whole morning yesterday while studying for the last night’s oral recits can sometimes make a sane being go near being insane.


Whew! What can I say? Last night was a crazy night! Crazy night at the kitchen and crazy night for Jesus freaks! I am thankful to God for using us all in bringing many souls near Him! Through the years, I have seen God work at PAW nyts. And it brings so much gladness and excitement in my heart as more and more college students come to know Jesus more and more. I am glad I get to be part of something like this, something grand for our MAJESTY.

So, last night, snacks committee (of which i am a member of) prepared our very own version of chao fan topped with egg bits paired with black sambo for desserts. I wanted to pick a classy name for the main dish but I cant think of any. Lol


Our committee of three fine ladies consists of 2 working girls (Jovie and Joy, i like to call them babes or bebes) and 1 student (yes, that’s me. The only non-earning member of the team.) Most of the time, we get every muscle that we need from PAW nyt staff. Thank you boys.


So whenever we need extra funds, every one has to shell out personal money except me. Hahaha

So you can guess who has to be available to do all the cooking?


After everyone has eaten what we served, my heart melted for joy for every compliment we got. I am glad I can bring back the glory to God who deserves them all. 😉 even tho twas my first time to cook chao fan and black sambo (thanks to google and to my friends for the tips by the way) I am happy they all liked it.

I think a lot of them loved my black sambo more. Every time I am out of the serving table, they would sneak in to get more of the sambo! Hahahaha Sorry if I was too strict with that last night. I was just a little bit worried that others might not get some, but I have to tell you my heart was leaping for every sight of you guys sneaking in. 😉 I hope i can feed you all to your heart’s content, soon. Hehe

I am still waiting for the photos so for those who have asked me about the recipe for the black sambo, I will surely post it here some time in the future. 😉 promise!

TODAY, I AM THANKFUL TO JESUS FOR EVERYTHING THAT HAD TRANSPIRED LAST NIGHT. For the Jesus Freaks, the noise, the stress, the cooking experience, for the sneaking in, for the thumbs up you guys gave me (those thumbs ups belong to GOD alone) and for everything!!!

My heart is humbled by Your Majesty and provision. Please use us forever! 😉



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