Merry Christmas everyone! 🙂

I have to admit we haven’t had Noche Buena ever since. Either too tired to wake up at exactly 12 midnight or just too lazy to even prepare. Last year, we had the chance to celebrate Christmas eve when my cousins from father’s side chose to celebrate it with us. But as a family of four lazy people? Nah.

This Christmas, as usual, we were too lazy to do all the cooking and preparations. Plus, I was super busy cooking lots and lots of Black Sambo. Yes. It’s kind of a business and I PRAISE MY GOD BECAUSE I HAVE EARNED BIG! Bigger than I expected. hahaha hoooray! I hope and pray they’d continue to order for New Year. Hehehe

So like I said, we were pretty busy and tired. BUT we somehow had a very simply dinner at around 12 midnight. not the exact time but who cares? The time (and even the date) was not in the Bible anyway. 



Don’t get me wrong. I love Christmas. I super love Christmas. I believe in its essence too. But having to celebrate it only on a certain date and time makes me wonder. Christmas must be remembered and celebrated every day! we must be thankful everyday every minute for God’s wonderful Gift–Jesus Christ.

Today, I am thankful for that wonderful gift I have been enjoying ever since I believed in Christ. May we always remember that this season isn’t about Santa or the gifts, not even about Noche Buena and reunions with other family members! 

This season is all about remembering and being grateful for the coming of Christ to offer His life for us. He had to die on that tree to save us from death. That is the true essence of Christmas–showing others what actually happened in a manger thousands of years ago.

Merry Christmas everyone!


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