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little business during Christmas

While others were busy with family reunions and family gatherings for the Christmas Eve, I was busy cooking in the kitchen for the lovely ones who ordered black sambo from me. I promised myself I’ll blog about this if I can find time. So today, I am writing about that experience.

Having that little extra business over the break makes my heart glad and jump for joy. I am grateful for the wonderful experience which reminded me of how hard it is to earn money. Dad helped me with this and every time I faced mistakes in cooking, especially when I am trying out new things, Dad would say, “Failing isn’t really a failure. But if you stop trying, failure sets in.”


So after hours of hard work and sweaty armpit in the kitchen, I finally had wonderful and beautiful results. Thank You Jesus!


Everytime I look at these, I am reminded it was a team effort of me and dad in the kitchen and mommy in getting orders from family friends. Most of my customers were mom’s officemates. I believe they were too shy to say no to mommy so they had to order from us. Ha ha ha


I topped the sambo with rich chocolate syrup. Thankful for this little business over the break! Did not expect to get so much profit in the end. Wohooo shopping after!



1 thought on “little business during Christmas”

  1. It sounds so nice with the family team work! Such things strengthen the bond between familymember. I am happy for you that you earned more than you expected 😉 Extra money is always nice! But excuse my ignorance, what is black sambo?

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