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Daniel’s Diet (effective)

When I was little, i’m no different. Like most kids I also hated vegies.

I started liking it when I reached college because of a roommate. The first group of vegies I started to love was the green and leafy ones. Then the bitter ampalaya which became my favorite among the vegies. The last group i tried to like was the orange ones–squash and carrots.

Unlike most of my friends, i loved ampalaya and hated carrots.

But now i am starting to slowly shift my diet from pork, chicken, and beef to pure (hopefully) vegies and maybe fruits.

This sudden change of diet was inspired by rick warren’s new book about daniel’s diet. I have heard the story when i was little and then recalled how God blessed Daniel and his friends with wisdom and fitness by just eating vegies rather than partaking the king’s meat and wine.

As i recalled that story, i realized i wanted to be like daniel. Fit physically and fit spiritually. Tuning in the body and soul in line with God and glorifying Him in the process.

Also, i wanted to have real friends who, like Hanania, azariah and mishael, are believers and devoted to God. Friends who share the same faith with me. Friends who inspire me to be better; friends who’d rather be put to the furnace for God’s sake; and friends who will stand up with me when everyone’s bowing down to the idol.

I am excited to learn more about Daniel and his friend’s adventures especially when they were thrown to the famous fury furnace and yet managed to prove to king nebuchadnezzar that their God who is the true and living God is a God that saves His people. Did u know what happened to that king after that?! U should read the Bible! Even I did not see that coming! πŸ™‚

In hopes of becoming fit physically, I also develop a fitter soul. πŸ™‚ β™₯

This project, I call, Danieβ„“’s Diet. Eat only vegetables and fruits then read 1 chapter of Daniel’s Book each day! Together let’s explore the Bible one book at a time πŸ™‚


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