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New Year’s Reso

So many blessings happened to me lately, one of which is my new phone (^3^) Haha and His forever enabling wisdom (for midterm exams).

Today i choose to write about my belated new year’s resolution. It’s not really belated because I have started this since January 1st. Hihi

For this year, I choose to be more grateful. For me, being grateful is one of the traits we recipients tend to overlook. Sometimes, in our strong desire to follow Christ in obedience we forget that His grace can and will cover all our flaws and wrongs.

In fact, I thought being thankful is limited to receiving (only) “good” things. I used to think that I shouldnt be grateful for failed relationships, heart aches, lousy recitations, wet new shoes. But the more I try to see things clearly,i learned we should be grateful in everything! (James 1:2–count it all joy!)

Seeing the good in everything has made me see God in all things. And that’s pretty awesome.

Looking at every situation with keen and eager eyes, trying to find the best of it has become a project for me lately. The Project Thankful. (#projthankful)

Like whenever i am tempted to be impatient, I am reminded of how God’s patience with me would look like. It must be amazingly long!

So for today and every day after this, I am choosing to be thankful not just with big things but also with the little ones! And i humbly pray that for every failure, He’ll remind me of this resolution.

Thank You Lord!


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