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Counting my blessings-naming them one by one

No amount of failed recitations can stop my heart from coming to worship and giving thanks to my God who is forever faithful.

In my pursuit for a grateful heart, today i had my test. My grateful heart, i thought, was put to test. I just had a failed recitation at school and cried my heart out after. I said, how come it wasn’t as good as the others when in fact i spent hours studying.

Several resolutions were thought of. One, maybe I did not study that much. Another, maybe i just freaked out a little. Or maybe I lacked prayers.

But then whatever it is, this failed recit will not stop me from praising my God. Today was full of grace and wonderful things like all other days.

First, when i was worried who can cook for.tonoght’s paw nyt snacks, the Lord provided Kuya Benig. One of the best cooks i’ve ever tried. Without exageration. For this, thank You Lord.

Second, today had a very beautiful blue sky. Since for the past few days, we’ve been having cloudy and dark skies, today i am happy and grateful to see some blue above! For this, thank You Lord.

Third, I am on my Chapter 3 on Daniel’s diet project. God is talking to me as I read each chapter. He is encouraging, comforting, and reminding me each time I read His Word. I also like my new diet lately. Vegies and fruits with 2 cups of rice. For this, thank You Lord!!

Fourth, i have found sisters in Christ. Jovie and Joy. They help me with paw nyt snacks. Their support and love makes me praise my God more. As we share deep thoughts of our recent struggles to each other, I praise my GOD for this kind of circle. The kind where you can pray for each other and realize it’s not only you who have issues. I am praying for my own version of Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah. For this, thank You Lord.

Fifth, albert’s birthday is coming up. His life alone is a huge blessing not just to his family but also to me. πŸ™‚ He is my support system, my buddy, friend, anything I want him to be. For him, thank You Lord.

Sixth, i actually have developed a kind of bond with my roommates. It’s very unusual for me to talk to them but recently i just had shopping with one of them. That’s an improvement don’t you think? For this, thank You LORD.

Seventh, of course it’s PAW NYT tonight. Paw nyt is a blessing because it gives me an unexpected refreshment. I come weary and crying I go out singing and dancing. Praise God! For this, thank You Lord!! β™₯

and for the many things i have in my mind and in my heart like ny family and friends, thank You Lord for not letting one failed recitation make me forget how blessed I am for having You. I pray that the next time i’ll be called for recits, i’ll be able to answer for Your glory. β™₯

Thank You Lord!! πŸ™‚ Forever grateful for that Love that is soooo relentless.


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