i am not ashamed of JESUS, Project Thankful

Mountains, meet my God.

Lately, I kept on thinking how wonderful God’s plans were–how He beautifully crafted everything which led me to where I am now. Right now, I am laying in bed, writing this post, smiling, sipping my hot coffee in my new cool tumbler, and thanking God for His renewing grace.

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Jesus’ personal message to me last night at PAW struck me and it really got me thinking that even if I am facing seemingly insurmountable giants and mountains now–having to consider all midterm grades and class recitations in law school and how to survive the upcoming finals week–I thank Jesus for sweetly reminding me that this is where He led me and this is what He promised me: He has prepared the way! He won them all already! Below is a picture of three instax photos I took when we had our acquaintance party at school. (Left to Right: Dean Joan Largo, Atty Jefferson Marquez, and Atty Espidido). They are my current mountains for this semester plus Atty Aranas for Taxation. Ha ha

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Yes it’s i a little bit easier to just survive the daily recitations and exams, but I honestly have tons of doubt if I’ll ever make it to the Roll of Attorney. Haha! With just my own tiny self to rely on, that’s just sooo impossible. But then again I had to be reminded that not by my own strength but His. THANK YOU LORD. His joy comes in the morning! Good morning, indeed.



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